So, I recently discovered that the SSDs in my homeserver could self-encrypt, and after using sedutil I had full disk encryption that was independent of the OS. Because of that, the last and biggest thing holding me back from switching to was solved (Full Disk Encryption). So now i'm migrating all my stuff from my jury-rigged linux server to it.

So far, it's been as simple as dding image files into a zfs volume, and using the awesome tools that comes with SmartOS.

So, i'm thinking about switching my VPS to a one once 10 comes out, as I really need compression lol

Everytime I see someone talk about making a default filesystem on distro, I always remember my virtual machines that constantly run out memory because ZFS is a memory hog lol

I mean, a memory hog for good reason, but I dunno if that's a good thing for desktops/laptops.