Day 2 of

Really need to find a wayland-native terminal, as i've been using the terminal lol.

Other than that, everything is going fine, and now I got a script that sets up the environment variables and all that jazz.

Not a big fan of the someblocks program, as I think the 1 second minimum delay is a bit too long of a delay. So I might make another Perl script for updating the status bar.

The fun part will come from generic-fying the desktop monster i've made so it can run on any machine. So far it's just a meson build script with a butt-load of subprojects and relies on running stuff out of the builddir. (Yes, I converted 's build system to meson, did the same thing with back then too)

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Yeaaaaah, fuck this. Going back to lmao

Yeeeah, I think i'm just gonna wait until moves to before I move to wayland too lol

Hey people, what was that one distribution of NetBSD that came with a desktop preconfigured? I cannot for the life of me find it nor remember it's name. I think it ran ??

So, I think my and experiment is gonna come to an end soon. I'll probably go back to either or soon, as I find that i'm slowly but surely replacing all my qt apps with ones, and i'm gonna be honest. I still prefer the GTK desktop environments.