So, you know how XP had that iconic intro music when you were setting up your system? I think for my distro, when it's doing that similar set up at first login, i'll have it play this music

v2.1 of my script has been released. Now you can make it so the script won't open a console window, includes a few more utilities, and now includes a variable $SH2EXE_ARGV0 to get an $0-like variable. Useful for the one liner cd $(dirname $SH2EXE_ARGV0) || exit 1

Welp, after a few days. I'd say my project is complete! Come check it out!

Have done enough work on my script, that I published it on

I'll be adding Documentation soon to it, don't worry!

More work on my project. Had to make my own mkdtemp function as doesn't have one lol.

So, I'm working on a project for , called sh2exe.

Basically, it'll let you distribute an executable that can run a standard shell script, with the capabilities of GNU Coreutils. The idea, is that this will lower the bar for entry to port a program over from -likes to Windows. The shell I chose ended up being the portable OpenBSD Korn Shell =). And the reason I chose GNU Coreutils is because i'm familiar with it, it's pretty small, and just works for the most part =P

So far, once that exe is made, it's only 1 megabyte in size!

My game is released! I currently have binaries for , , and up on the page. Don't worry and bois, I'll make those binaries tomorrow!

Welp, I've tested on most platforms, and my Pong game works perfectly. So I'm probably gonna release v1.0 today, and finally move on from this spaghetti code of a project lmao

It has been tested and works for:

It probably works on and too.

It'll be published here:

Please boost.

To all the wizards out there. Any book recommendations for absolute beginners? Also note I have not used Windows regularly in almost 7 years.