Sorry for the wait, but you can get the of my v0.1.0 web browser from here now:

Please remember that this browser is not even in alpha, it's in pre-alpha. And does not have all the features it'll have (If I even get around to it, never know, I could get burnt out =P)

And with this, 0.1.0 of is done. It's not a browser you'll want to daily drive yet, but it's getting there. Here, you can see that you switch between traditional with a menu bar, and -style CSD.

I'll get a out soon of 0.1.0

So this is neat, my web browser that i'm making now has a feature that most other browsers don't. The ability to go up a page.

Now that I got the download dialog working on my web browser, now I can move onto moving all the webview code into it's own object, dis gon be fun

Got basic tabbing working on that browser i'm making.

Hey everyone! I'm typing this on my own custom (extremely alpha) web browser ;)

Ayyy, works on again.

Is anyone else having issues accessing using ? I keep getting this error:

Unhandled Promise Rejection: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating '')

With the latest version of being ported to , webkit has proven, once again, to be the most portable web engine =P