Day 4 of

I've added so many patches to my fork lol

I think after I add the sway-pointer-constraints patch, my desktop will effectively be complete.

So far so good though. Most games work, just won't capture my mouse (Which is what the patch is for) =P

On the downside, because of how heavy my fork is of dwl, I'll probably never be able to re-master with upstream. But oh well

Day 2 of

Really need to find a wayland-native terminal, as i've been using the terminal lol.

Other than that, everything is going fine, and now I got a script that sets up the environment variables and all that jazz.

Not a big fan of the someblocks program, as I think the 1 second minimum delay is a bit too long of a delay. So I might make another Perl script for updating the status bar.

The fun part will come from generic-fying the desktop monster i've made so it can run on any machine. So far it's just a meson build script with a butt-load of subprojects and relies on running stuff out of the builddir. (Yes, I converted 's build system to meson, did the same thing with back then too)

Okay, so I got screenshots working in now. So far my Desktop looks like this.

I'd say it's pretty much almost done. Just need to add the centered-window patch, the smart borders patch, and then modify it so I can disable borders on specific windows.

Thought i'd try my hand at making a environment for myself with dwl as a starting point...

It's, uh, progressing. Can't get screenshots working, but i'm sure it'll work itself out =P

Finally, a sensible take on and that isn't just "me tribe good, you tribe bad."

Yeeeah, I think i'm just gonna wait until moves to before I move to wayland too lol

So, I tried again after quite a few years... still can't drag and drop from an archive manager to the file manager. sigh

I'm so god damn sick of hearing about vs shit. It's like the annoyance of the init wars all over again.