So, something i'm going to add in 0.2.0 of is a malware block list that will warn the user when they're going to malicious websites. I don't want to use Google Safe Browsing for obvious reasons, so i'm thinking of going with Urlhaus. Anyone else know any other good malware lists?

Knocked two features off on today. The Address Bar can now search, and you can open a file from the download dialog now! I think next i'll knock the preferences window off next. It'll probably be a stupidly simple list for now.

So, if anyone is curious to what i've been doing for the past couple weeks:

  • I became the new admin of , so i've been making sure that's all going smoothly. And for the most part, it is!
  • Working on a new game I'm in . It's also for practicing
  • Working on a bulk builder that uses features from and slapt-src/get to get the job done.
  • Taking a short break from as I got burnt out on it (This happens with all my projects, I eventually loop back around to it)

Ya'll think this dialog gets the point across? =P

Sorry for the wait, but you can get the of my v0.1.0 web browser from here now:

Please remember that this browser is not even in alpha, it's in pre-alpha. And does not have all the features it'll have (If I even get around to it, never know, I could get burnt out =P)

And with this, 0.1.0 of is done. It's not a browser you'll want to daily drive yet, but it's getting there. Here, you can see that you switch between traditional with a menu bar, and -style CSD.

I'll get a out soon of 0.1.0

Underwhelming, but finished the Edit menu in my browser!

Making a program in after taking a break from it to use . I had almost forgotten how ass strings were =P

You know, it's always really cool looking at the generated code from . Makes me realize how much time I saved lol

Now that I got the download dialog working on my web browser, now I can move onto moving all the webview code into it's own object, dis gon be fun

Today's progress on my program

  • Got all the tabs working
  • Got the about dialog finished
  • File Choosing Works completely from what I can tell.

Tomorrow, hopefully i'll finish the actual installation of the rpm package, and release version 1.

Sneak peak at the graphical package installer.

I noticed my activity on here has gone down quite a bit. If anyone is wondering, it's because my family is going through a bit of financial hard times (It's getting better though, don't worry!). So I've been doing stuff here and there to get extra money (Surveys, Studies, etc) on the side, which takes up a lot of my time. I'm hoping to announce my next project on soon! And, I'm currently learning and making a -based dungeon crawler with it. That's taking a while since it's my first rodeo with , but I'm getting used to it.

As a side-note, if anyone knows anyway of making money at home, lemme know. And I don't mean scams, trust me, I'm smart enough not to fall for that shit, don't even try. =P

I made a for the vala-language-server and it got approved =)

I think once i'm done having fun with , i'm probably gonna try to learn or . Leaning more towards Vala since it's basically just a convenient C frontend =P