So, after finally sitting comfortably on my install, I decided to do some stuff with the system, and then this turned into a full blown init administration tool lol

I got no idea what to call it. But basically, I didn't like re-inventing the wheel with every init-script I made. So I made a script inspired by 's rc.subr, but with quite a few -isms lol. It handles:

  • Pidfiles
  • Logs and Rotating & Compressing said Logs
  • Terminating/Killing daemons
  • Displaying info about the daemon
  • Displaying the status of the daemon

All with pretty output.

After that I was like "Man, be cool if I could start all my enabled scripts with one command, and control multiple daemons with one command" and then I made a script called rcctl inspired by 's rcctl and to a certain extent, systemd's systemctl. It can:

  • List all daemons, their statuses, if their enabled, and their PID.
  • Startup all enabled daemons with one command (For use in rc.local)
  • Shutdown all running daemons with one command (For use in rc.local_shutdown)
  • Run an action (Such as start or stop) on multiple daemons at a time.

It's pretty much almost done, and I might make it public. I think it's pretty Slackware-centric, so those outside of Slackware probably won't see much use in it. =P

And before anyone asks "Why?", Because it's been fun to make! =D

Decided to finally sit down, and get my Intel Arc GPU to work on .


  • Removing xf86-video-intel (Causes Xorg to not work with the GPU)
  • Building kernel version 6.6.6 (Sp00ky)

The GPU works perfectly now. So now I'm back on my favorite distribution. Woo!

Well, i'm on Slackware-current rather than 15.0, but hey, good enough for me lol

I miss using ... it's actually crazy how much I miss using it. I don't hate Void Linux or anything, but using a Slackware server recently to set up a NAS server made me realize what i'm missing lol


was added to LXC's image repository!!!

Welp, I got bit by the amdgpu regression in the latest kernel. I had to downgrade my kernel.

If there's ONE thing I do not like about Slackware, it's how it handles kernel upgrades. I wish slackpkg just installed new kernels alongside the new ones.

Oh hey, the linux kernel updated. Neato

Update on my bulk builder progress: It's at the g's, and has been compiling gmsh for hours lmao

Soon, they shall all be built!

My bulk builder is alive! IT'S ALIVE!

I'm now hosting an actual repository for my lxqt builds. Check it out!

A heads up: I'm abandoning my slackbuild if anyone wants to maintain it. It'll still work though, since it's mostly the webkit2gtk library that does all the heavy lifting.

in reply to this object Even reverted this change... Slackware, the distro known for keeping package as vanilla as possible...

I have this old laptop that's collecting dust in my closet. Thinking of turning it into a builder, and making a public repo.

New post on why I think is awesome, and why I use it.

(I promise, this is the last Slackware post for a while =P)

Oh boy, just updated!

builder coming to a near you.

I made a for the vala-language-server and it got approved =)

Hello from on my laptop!