Update on my bulk builder progress: It's at the g's, and has been compiling gmsh for hours lmao

Soon, they shall all be built!

My bulk builder is alive! IT'S ALIVE!

So, if anyone is curious to what i've been doing for the past couple weeks:

  • I became the new admin of , so i've been making sure that's all going smoothly. And for the most part, it is!
  • Working on a new game I'm in . It's also for practicing
  • Working on a bulk builder that uses features from and slapt-src/get to get the job done.
  • Taking a short break from as I got burnt out on it (This happens with all my projects, I eventually loop back around to it)

A heads up: I'm abandoning my slackbuild if anyone wants to maintain it. It'll still work though, since it's mostly the webkit2gtk library that does all the heavy lifting.

I have this old laptop that's collecting dust in my closet. Thinking of turning it into a builder, and making a public repo.

Oh boy, just updated!