So apparently on is broken because cargo gets a weird curl error. Well that sucks...

The whole trademark kerfuffle recently had made me reaffirm my stance, that anything mozilla touches, they fuck up =P

You know, if there's one reason I want to move to or , it's so I never have to deal with C strings ever again lol

I've been busy today for the most part, but I managed to squeeze in a little bit of practice.

  • I did some fiddling around with println
  • Used cargo for a bit, and like it. But seriously, vendor your dependencies people...
  • Messed around with threading and atomics, works a lot like how SDL abstracts it on

Alright guys, i'm finally going to give a try. What do I got to lose, other than time, right? =P

So far though, I do like the macro functionality in it's println function!