Man, i've done quite a bit of today lol

  • Learned how to use the perldoc command (Which is fantastic).
  • Learned how to make a "virtualenv" of perl (It's not really called that, but it's effectively what it is.) with Cpanminus.
  • Learned how to use Arrays.
  • Learned how to do regex.
  • Learned how to use environment variables.

So i'd say I did pretty good today =P

Spent all day trying to figure out why my program was segfaulting, and then it dawned on me... I was trying to reallocate memory that had never been allocated in the first place =/

Ya love to see it. Got rid of all the memory leaks in my code today. Aside from still reachable leaks, but I got no control over that, it's from the OpenGL driver and X11 lol

You know, I wish compilers had a super strict warning compiler flag, I know there's -Wall, but it doesn't actually turn on all warnings oddly enough.

C could probably be almost as safe as memory-safe languages if the programmer didn't have to pass 30 different warning flags, link with ASAN and UBsan, pass mysterious -f compiler flags, pass odd macro flags like _D_FORTIFY_SOURCE, etc.

A plea to all developers of federated web software. PLEASE make stuff work without . I can understand things like actions needing javascript, but to simply look at a post shouldn't require it, and it's a security hazard to allow any website to run arbitrary code willy nilly, and all the performance issues with it on low-end machines.

Knocked two features off on today. The Address Bar can now search, and you can open a file from the download dialog now! I think next i'll knock the preferences window off next. It'll probably be a stupidly simple list for now.

So, if anyone is curious to what i've been doing for the past couple weeks:

  • I became the new admin of , so i've been making sure that's all going smoothly. And for the most part, it is!
  • Working on a new game I'm in . It's also for practicing
  • Working on a bulk builder that uses features from and slapt-src/get to get the job done.
  • Taking a short break from as I got burnt out on it (This happens with all my projects, I eventually loop back around to it)

you can compress debug info

Today's progress on my program

  • Got all the tabs working
  • Got the about dialog finished
  • File Choosing Works completely from what I can tell.

Tomorrow, hopefully i'll finish the actual installation of the rpm package, and release version 1.

So, today was my first day with 4.

My opinion on it: It's decent. It's got some annoyances, mostly in older useful widgets from GTK3 being removed when they probably could've just been abstracted to use the new "correct" methods. Another thing I noticed is that it uses so much more RAM than GTK3. My grpmi program on GTK3 used 6mb, but now it uses 100MB. Quite the jump.