Life hack I discovered:

Getting to write functions in api so I can port my shit more easily. lol

Sure, I have to fix the functions sometimes, but hey, they work and give me a starting point without researching the extremely confusing win32 api

For anyone who does a lot of and stuff and wants to make sure your stuff works across , , and . This is a really useful site:

Everything here is almost guaranteed to be on every system

Welp, after a few days. I'd say my project is complete! Come check it out!

I wonder if anyone has ever tried to make a linux distro, and it's sole purpose is to not deviate at all from the standard. So, for example, it's core utilities can only do what's defined in the standard.

So, I think i've come up with a good new name for my project: (POsix Continuous Integration Daemon). Pronounced: Paw-kid.

What do you guys think? Please boost as I want a range of opinions on this!

Link if your curious of the project: