Day 2 of

Really need to find a wayland-native terminal, as i've been using the terminal lol.

Other than that, everything is going fine, and now I got a script that sets up the environment variables and all that jazz.

Not a big fan of the someblocks program, as I think the 1 second minimum delay is a bit too long of a delay. So I might make another Perl script for updating the status bar.

The fun part will come from generic-fying the desktop monster i've made so it can run on any machine. So far it's just a meson build script with a butt-load of subprojects and relies on running stuff out of the builddir. (Yes, I converted 's build system to meson, did the same thing with back then too)

So, after finally sitting comfortably on my install, I decided to do some stuff with the system, and then this turned into a full blown init administration tool lol

I got no idea what to call it. But basically, I didn't like re-inventing the wheel with every init-script I made. So I made a script inspired by 's rc.subr, but with quite a few -isms lol. It handles:

  • Pidfiles
  • Logs and Rotating & Compressing said Logs
  • Terminating/Killing daemons
  • Displaying info about the daemon
  • Displaying the status of the daemon

All with pretty output.

After that I was like "Man, be cool if I could start all my enabled scripts with one command, and control multiple daemons with one command" and then I made a script called rcctl inspired by 's rcctl and to a certain extent, systemd's systemctl. It can:

  • List all daemons, their statuses, if their enabled, and their PID.
  • Startup all enabled daemons with one command (For use in rc.local)
  • Shutdown all running daemons with one command (For use in rc.local_shutdown)
  • Run an action (Such as start or stop) on multiple daemons at a time.

It's pretty much almost done, and I might make it public. I think it's pretty Slackware-centric, so those outside of Slackware probably won't see much use in it. =P

And before anyone asks "Why?", Because it's been fun to make! =D

has definitely been in the most fun i've had with programming in a while! Love how simple everything is to do, all while still having C-syntax and without a heavily bloated engine like Node. Maybe i've finally found the high-level language i've been searching for, for years lmao

So, i'm wanting to learn more about , and I think the best way to do that, is to make my website in it using CGI and HTTP::Server::Simple.

The basics I got down has actually taught me something interesting:

The protocol is really really simple. I've always heard it's bloated, but I think people confuse the HTTP protocol with the Javascript/W3 standard.

in reply to this object And on Windows, the constant forking is even worse for performance lol

In the time i've been using , I tend to only use backticks for one off shell one-liners, or to use a system tool like ldd.

Man, i've done quite a bit of today lol

  • Learned how to use the perldoc command (Which is fantastic).
  • Learned how to make a "virtualenv" of perl (It's not really called that, but it's effectively what it is.) with Cpanminus.
  • Learned how to use Arrays.
  • Learned how to do regex.
  • Learned how to use environment variables.

So i'd say I did pretty good today =P

I just unironically put the variable pp_checker in my meson build file to see if Par Packer is installed lmao

You'd think at a certain age I'd stop finding that funny...

Just used chatgpt to turn a slow piece of code in code... and it worked first try. I'm very surprised to say the least.

Also, I wasted a couple days trying to make a cross-platform script for my pong game to launch it. First I tried a and combo (For POSIX, and Win32 respectively), then I tried using , until it dawned on me: "Wait... I can just use C itself, the hell am I doing?" and sure enough, it worked way better lol

in reply to this object I literally only need powershell to make a native launch script for a game I'm making lol

As a temporary workaround, I'm using a script, and then using PAR Packer to embed the perl interpreter. Not ideal, but it works =P