So, after finally sitting comfortably on my install, I decided to do some stuff with the system, and then this turned into a full blown init administration tool lol

I got no idea what to call it. But basically, I didn't like re-inventing the wheel with every init-script I made. So I made a script inspired by 's rc.subr, but with quite a few -isms lol. It handles:

  • Pidfiles
  • Logs and Rotating & Compressing said Logs
  • Terminating/Killing daemons
  • Displaying info about the daemon
  • Displaying the status of the daemon

All with pretty output.

After that I was like "Man, be cool if I could start all my enabled scripts with one command, and control multiple daemons with one command" and then I made a script called rcctl inspired by 's rcctl and to a certain extent, systemd's systemctl. It can:

  • List all daemons, their statuses, if their enabled, and their PID.
  • Startup all enabled daemons with one command (For use in rc.local)
  • Shutdown all running daemons with one command (For use in rc.local_shutdown)
  • Run an action (Such as start or stop) on multiple daemons at a time.

It's pretty much almost done, and I might make it public. I think it's pretty Slackware-centric, so those outside of Slackware probably won't see much use in it. =P

And before anyone asks "Why?", Because it's been fun to make! =D

I did have one minor issue with my upgrade. When I went to upgrade my packages, it got a lot of Bogus Symlink errors which caused them to fail. Thankfully, because OpenBSD actually seperates 3rd party packages from the system, I just dumped a list of all the packages I had installed using pkg_add -m > packages.txt, deleted the entirety of /usr/local/bin, ran pkg_delete -X, and then reinstalled all packages using pkg_add -z -l packages.txt. Now everything is A-OK.

Aaaaand, done. I swear, upgrades are the easiest and smoothest.

New release. Time to sysupgrade!

Question for dudes, does the sync mount option make your filesystem less likely to get corrupted if a kernel panic or sudden power outage happens? =P

Had something really weird happen. I had a total filesystem failure on . Like, wow, it's completely dead. All files in /etc are just NULL bytes now. I can't say I've ever had that happen on any OS before.

Is there a way to relay a port range using relayd on ? I'm trying to move more to a pure OpenBSD setup rather than the nginx configuration I have going.

So, i'm thinking about switching my VPS to a one once 10 comes out, as I really need compression lol

So apparently on is broken because cargo gets a weird curl error. Well that sucks...

Love how fast upgrades between versions. Only took 5 minutes =D

So, looking at how i've made so far. I realized I can easily make it so you can turn it into basically any graphical package installer for any package manager. Since really, it's just a frontend for terminal commands. I could easily make it, say, a graphical package installer if I wanted to (not so useful in that case, as it isn't common to find openbsd packages hosted online outside of the main repos lol)

My game is released! I currently have binaries for , , and up on the page. Don't worry and bois, I'll make those binaries tomorrow!

Welp, I've tested on most platforms, and my Pong game works perfectly. So I'm probably gonna release v1.0 today, and finally move on from this spaghetti code of a project lmao

It has been tested and works for:

It probably works on and too.

It'll be published here:

Welp, my pong game works perfectly on !