Welp, finally capitulated and added another gig of ram to my VM lmao

Much snappier now

I messed with the of my instance, and now it's basically reached parity with my main website's CSS. Very nice =D

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@RL_Dane@fosstodon.org Yep, it's running on , which is a single-user instance software. The big selling points were:

  • The UI requires 0 javascript, it doesn't even have javascript aside from the emoji selector of all things.
  • Easy to self-host
  • Easy to customize

Hopefully this solves my OOM problems. I got:

  • vm.panic_on_oom enabled, so hopefully when I run out of memory, it just kills the VM instead of hanging.
  • installed so it never comes to that.
  • enabled to get just a little more out of it.

I want to avoid uping the VM's ram as long as I can lol