Okay, finished getting binaries built of using 8. Now it should run on pretty much any distribution older than that. Help me test it by downloading it from my ftp server:


Currently trying to make a editor binary that works on most distributions. Wouldn't have too if would just, ya know, allow you to use any distro older than 2020 in the Github Actions crap =P

Current plan is to compile it on 8 using the ELTS patches.

I'll probably just dump the builds on my ftp server for personal use afterwards.

I did a thing with the logo!

So, i've been on for a few weeks now, and I have to say, it's definitely a much better Rolling Release distro than most i've seen.

My only complaint is that you can't configure the package manager to take snapshots before and after an update. I got a script to workaround that, but still, very annoying.

Finally, a sensible take on and that isn't just "me tribe good, you tribe bad."


It annoys me, when people make AppImages, but instead of naming it something like:


They name it:


Makes it a pain in the ass to update them.

Update on my bulk builder progress: It's at the g's, and has been compiling gmsh for hours lmao

Soon, they shall all be built!

My bulk builder is alive! IT'S ALIVE!

A PSA to users. If you notice bad sandbox permissions in a flatpak you're using. Bring it up to the maintainer of that flatpak, 9 times out of 10 it was a simple oversight.

Running my yearly maintenance on my BTRFS-formatted hard drive. It's been de-duping for over a day now =P

So, I decided to see which flatpaks I had that had bad permissions. Half of my flatpaks basically had permissions that escaped sandboxing... That's uh, not good.

Here's a list btw:

Apostrophe : All System Files Bavarder : Safe Chromium : All User Files CraftOS-PC : Safe Desktop Files Creator : Safe Element : Safe Flatpak Developer Demo : All System Files Flatseal : Safe GIMP : All System Files Handbrake : All System Files jdDesktopEntryEdit : Safe Midori : Safe OBS : All System Files Peek : All User Files Podman Desktop : All User Files Q4wine : Safe Signal : Safe Steam : Safe Syncthing : All System Files Thunderbird : Safe Usermode FTP Server : Safe Warp : Safe ZSNES : All System Files ================================================= Total Safe : 11 Total Unsafe : 10

I have this old laptop that's collecting dust in my closet. Thinking of turning it into a builder, and making a public repo.

For anyone who does a lot of and stuff and wants to make sure your stuff works across , , and . This is a really useful site: https://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/

Everything here is almost guaranteed to be on every system

You know, I find it weird how there's not a distribution made specifically for , where it has the oldest supported kernel and oldest possible glibc. Because all the other packages can be as new as they want, it's just those 2 things that are needed to make appimages portable (For the most part, with some exceptions)

And with this, 0.1.0 of is done. It's not a browser you'll want to daily drive yet, but it's getting there. Here, you can see that you switch between traditional with a menu bar, and -style CSD.

I'll get a out soon of 0.1.0

Underwhelming, but finished the Edit menu in my browser!