Was wondering why my server was down today, only to realize that the VM it was installed on ran out of room. Thought I was gonna have to give it more room, but thankfully, I had 4 whole kilobytes of space, so I ran a compress command, and now I got plenty of space again lol

Thought i'd try my hand at making a environment for myself with dwl as a starting point...

It's, uh, progressing. Can't get screenshots working, but i'm sure it'll work itself out =P

So, I was curious which file system for was the fastest when it comes to be mounted with the sync option, and here were my results:

ext4 : 10Kb/s btrfs : 10Kb/s jfs : 6MB/s f2fs : 17Kb/s xfs : 10Kb/s vfat : 20Kb/s exfat : 20Kb/s minix : 20Kb/s ntfs : 5Kb/s reiserfs: 9Kb/s Winner: jfs

was the winner by a land-slide, and I have no idea why lol

So, i've been using Intel Arc for the past 2 months now. And I have to say, it's the most stable GPU experience I've had on . It has not crashed once, and all games I've played, while maybe not performing as good as AMD or Nvidia, have always been stable.

And with every update, it does get faster, so who knows what it'll be like a year from now.

For context, my last GPU was an RX 480. It would crash every few months during it's prime (Not a big deal though). Technically my old 480 still works, but it crashes when it reaches a certain clock speed. Easily fixable of course, but a sign it was on it's last legs.

You know, I wish compilers had a super strict warning compiler flag, I know there's -Wall, but it doesn't actually turn on all warnings oddly enough.

C could probably be almost as safe as memory-safe languages if the programmer didn't have to pass 30 different warning flags, link with ASAN and UBsan, pass mysterious -f compiler flags, pass odd macro flags like _D_FORTIFY_SOURCE, etc.

Okay, finished getting binaries built of using 8. Now it should run on pretty much any distribution older than that. Help me test it by downloading it from my ftp server:


Currently trying to make a editor binary that works on most distributions. Wouldn't have too if would just, ya know, allow you to use any distro older than 2020 in the Github Actions crap =P

Current plan is to compile it on 8 using the ELTS patches.

I'll probably just dump the builds on my ftp server for personal use afterwards.

I did a thing with the logo!

So, i've been on for a few weeks now, and I have to say, it's definitely a much better Rolling Release distro than most i've seen.

My only complaint is that you can't configure the package manager to take snapshots before and after an update. I got a script to workaround that, but still, very annoying.

Finally, a sensible take on and that isn't just "me tribe good, you tribe bad."


It annoys me, when people make AppImages, but instead of naming it something like:


They name it:


Makes it a pain in the ass to update them.

Update on my bulk builder progress: It's at the g's, and has been compiling gmsh for hours lmao

Soon, they shall all be built!

My bulk builder is alive! IT'S ALIVE!

A PSA to users. If you notice bad sandbox permissions in a flatpak you're using. Bring it up to the maintainer of that flatpak, 9 times out of 10 it was a simple oversight.

Running my yearly maintenance on my BTRFS-formatted hard drive. It's been de-duping for over a day now =P

So, I decided to see which flatpaks I had that had bad permissions. Half of my flatpaks basically had permissions that escaped sandboxing... That's uh, not good.

Here's a list btw:

Apostrophe : All System Files Bavarder : Safe Chromium : All User Files CraftOS-PC : Safe Desktop Files Creator : Safe Element : Safe Flatpak Developer Demo : All System Files Flatseal : Safe GIMP : All System Files Handbrake : All System Files jdDesktopEntryEdit : Safe Midori : Safe OBS : All System Files Peek : All User Files Podman Desktop : All User Files Q4wine : Safe Signal : Safe Steam : Safe Syncthing : All System Files Thunderbird : Safe Usermode FTP Server : Safe Warp : Safe ZSNES : All System Files ================================================= Total Safe : 11 Total Unsafe : 10

I have this old laptop that's collecting dust in my closet. Thinking of turning it into a builder, and making a public repo.