I'm convinced link in the timeline is a demi-god like Hercules. Seriously...

So, I beat Tears of the Kingdom today. Honestly, while I did like, it's not worth 70 dollars (Not even 60, which is what I paid for it). It felt more like a DLC for Breath of the Wild. I'll probably make a blog post about it. If I had to give it a rating, probably 3.5/5.

Alrighty, invitations are back up for . I ask that if you are a guy with thousands of followers to not share/boost this please this time lol


Old PC Cases:

  • 5 5.25 Bays
  • 2 3.5 bays
  • 4 usb ports
  • Headphone and Microphone Jack
  • 8 potential PCI slots
  • Can be left on at night without throwing a rave party.

New PC Cases:

  • One USB port (If you're lucky)
  • No front I/O expansion
  • Annoying Strobe Light RGB
  • Supports full ATX... only has 2 pci-e slots on the case.

Where did we go wrong?

Wanna know if anyone else does this. I have a method for giving a game value that I call "The Dollar per Hour rule" Basically, I expect for every dollar I pay, to get 1 hour of gameplay.

So if I pay 60 dollars for a game, and only get 8 hours from it, that means it's worth $7.50 an hour. But if I pay 10 dollars for a game, and end up playing it for 300 hours, that means it's worth $0.03. This is basically how I consider if a game is "worth it" or not. lol

Got a game recently for my switch called Goblin Sword, it's a really cool game, lots of content for how much I paid for it! I'd give it a 8/10!

Made another game in . I experimented with Objects, and I think it came out pretty well. It's a very arcadey game where you kill zombies and try not to die.


Zambies iotib.net

I added touchscreen support for my web game, so it should be playable on mobile now!


Pong www.iotib.net

So I found a pretty cool tool called (https://microstudio.dev/), and in about 2 days, I made a Pong clone. Take a look here: https://iotib.net/apps/pong/index.html

I really really like microstudio so far, it's very cool!

Pong iotib.net

A binary release of my game is finished. I'll get to tomorrow, sorry guys, tiring day lol


My game is released! I currently have binaries for , , and up on the page. Don't worry and bois, I'll make those binaries tomorrow!