I did a thing with the logo!

Commissioned a dude on fiverr to make a dungeon track for an open source game I'm making, I think it turned out amazingly!


You know, it's weird. I have no issue asking other programmers for help, but I feel like whenever I want to ask artists for something like music, I feel like the "You'll get free exposure" meme... =P

Made another game in . I experimented with Objects, and I think it came out pretty well. It's a very arcadey game where you kill zombies and try not to die.


Zambies iotib.net

I added touchscreen support for my web game, so it should be playable on mobile now!


Pong www.iotib.net

If anyone can beat my HTML5 Pong , I will make a MOTD on my website in your honor, because holy shit, it's hard! It is possible though.


Pong www.iotib.net

So I found a pretty cool tool called (https://microstudio.dev/), and in about 2 days, I made a Pong clone. Take a look here: https://iotib.net/apps/pong/index.html

I really really like microstudio so far, it's very cool!

Pong iotib.net

A binary release of my game is finished. I'll get to tomorrow, sorry guys, tiring day lol


My game is released! I currently have binaries for , , and up on the page. Don't worry and bois, I'll make those binaries tomorrow!


Welp, I've tested on most platforms, and my Pong game works perfectly. So I'm probably gonna release v1.0 today, and finally move on from this spaghetti code of a project lmao

It has been tested and works for:

It probably works on and too.

It'll be published here: https://www.opencode.net/charadon/Pong-C

Guys... I did the meme.

My pong game works on now! I should really sleep lol

Okay, I know what's happening now with my GLES not found issue. For some reason, in 9.3, the MesaLib package is missing, and when I tried to build it via , it just said "Using Native X11 library, aborting." or something along those lines. On the bright-side, NetBSD 10 Beta has MesaLib and works fine!

Now this is strange. doesn't have GLESv2 libraries with it's X11 set. Very odd...

Welp, my pong game works perfectly on !

It's happening bois

Making a new build machine using 14.04. I can actually do that, now that ubuntu pro is free =P