We're hosting our annual get-together on the server. If you're interested, you can come join! Just go to https://fedicraft.org for more info

So, if anyone is curious to what i've been doing for the past couple weeks:

  • I became the new admin of , so i've been making sure that's all going smoothly. And for the most part, it is!
  • Working on a new game I'm in . It's also for practicing
  • Working on a bulk builder that uses features from and slapt-src/get to get the job done.
  • Taking a short break from as I got burnt out on it (This happens with all my projects, I eventually loop back around to it)

Alrighty, invitations are back up for . I ask that if you are a guy with thousands of followers to not share/boost this please this time lol


I noticed my activity on here has gone down quite a bit. If anyone is wondering, it's because my family is going through a bit of financial hard times (It's getting better though, don't worry!). So I've been doing stuff here and there to get extra money (Surveys, Studies, etc) on the side, which takes up a lot of my time. I'm hoping to announce my next project on soon! And, I'm currently learning and making a -based dungeon crawler with it. That's taking a while since it's my first rodeo with , but I'm getting used to it.

As a side-note, if anyone knows anyway of making money at home, lemme know. And I don't mean scams, trust me, I'm smart enough not to fall for that shit, don't even try. =P

festival on was incredibly fun! Thanks to everyone who attended!

is holding a Christmas Festival on December 17th. If you want to join in, get a whitelist request in!


This is a house I'm working on, on right now. Still working on the interiors, but I think it's came out pretty good so far!


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@CowBear@mas.to Basically, every mob has "tags" attached to them, called NBT tags. It's basically json attached to it that changes behaviors of the mob.

Also, you new to minecraft in general? If so, you should join us at lol (Okay, there's my shill for the week =P)

I want to see if my RSS reader picks this post up via it's hashtag feed