freezes and crashes bhyve is xhci (USB 3) module is loaded.


Before boot, type: userconf disable xhci*. After that, everything will work.

Calculator can no longer run due to a failure to download a file that has currency exchanges. This is due to a bug when using a VPN.

While the currency exchange has been really helpful. Maybe I should have a calculator that doesn't connect to the internet lol

I deleted a VM in , and until I logged out of SSH and back in. I got this error when running vmadm

$ vmadm list Uncaught Error: EIO, i/o error FROM Function.startup.resolveArgv0 (node.js:811:23) startup (node.js:58:13) node.js:902:3 Abort (core dumped)

(Don't worry, my future bugs of the days won't always be SmartOS, it's just what i'm using heavily right now lol, seriously, I love SmartOS!)

I'm gonna start doing a "Bug of the Day" kind of thing. Where when I encounter a bug. I'm gonna post what it was, and how I solved it. For my first one:

instance doesn't allocate enough space for a indestructible snapshot like it does with a instance. Definitely not intentional.

Solution: Add another gigabyte to it's zfs filesystem.

Now watch as I never post something like this again =P