For anyone who does a lot of and stuff and wants to make sure your stuff works across , , and . This is a really useful site:

Everything here is almost guaranteed to be on every system

Welp, after a few days. I'd say my project is complete! Come check it out!

So, I'm working on a project for , called sh2exe.

Basically, it'll let you distribute an executable that can run a standard shell script, with the capabilities of GNU Coreutils. The idea, is that this will lower the bar for entry to port a program over from -likes to Windows. The shell I chose ended up being the portable OpenBSD Korn Shell =). And the reason I chose GNU Coreutils is because i'm familiar with it, it's pretty small, and just works for the most part =P

So far, once that exe is made, it's only 1 megabyte in size!

A binary release of my game is finished. I'll get to tomorrow, sorry guys, tiring day lol

My game is released! I currently have binaries for , , and up on the page. Don't worry and bois, I'll make those binaries tomorrow!

Welp, I've tested on most platforms, and my Pong game works perfectly. So I'm probably gonna release v1.0 today, and finally move on from this spaghetti code of a project lmao

It has been tested and works for:

It probably works on and too.

It'll be published here:

My pong game works on now! I should really sleep lol

Okay, I know what's happening now with my GLES not found issue. For some reason, in 9.3, the MesaLib package is missing, and when I tried to build it via , it just said "Using Native X11 library, aborting." or something along those lines. On the bright-side, NetBSD 10 Beta has MesaLib and works fine!

Now this is strange. doesn't have GLESv2 libraries with it's X11 set. Very odd...

Hey people, what was that one distribution of NetBSD that came with a desktop preconfigured? I cannot for the life of me find it nor remember it's name. I think it ran ??

Welp, my pong game works perfectly on !

So, I decided to do a little bit more research before I pulled the trigger on buying a SBC, and I'm gonna be honest... it looks like a terrible idea.

The main issue are two things:

  1. Compared to x86, it's a PITA to install an OS.
  2. Driver support is very lacking (A lot of the roms don't even support output via HDMI!)

Because of those two reasons, I'm gonna go with the 2nd most popular choice in that poll, and get a core 2 duo system. For 35 dollars, I get a machine that comes with Wi-Fi, 2 gigs of ram, allows me to install any or I want, and can be easily repaired and upgraded.

The board on the other hand has only 2 gigs of soldered memory. I can only install certain images if I want decent hardware support, and it comes up to almost 100 dollars in total!!

I really hope is going to be a lot simpler than these arm computers currently are, and hopefully cheaper too.

It's happening bois


So, I think i've come up with a good new name for my project: (POsix Continuous Integration Daemon). Pronounced: Paw-kid.

What do you guys think? Please boost as I want a range of opinions on this!

Link if your curious of the project:

I'm thinking about renaming my project to pcid short for POSIX Continuous Integration Daemon...

(Project URL if you're curious:


in reply to this object is pretty cool, it's one of the only distributions that has an actual control panel.

And is also really nice, because it's dead simple, and extremely like in how it works.