So, after finally sitting comfortably on my install, I decided to do some stuff with the system, and then this turned into a full blown init administration tool lol

I got no idea what to call it. But basically, I didn't like re-inventing the wheel with every init-script I made. So I made a script inspired by 's rc.subr, but with quite a few -isms lol. It handles:

  • Pidfiles
  • Logs and Rotating & Compressing said Logs
  • Terminating/Killing daemons
  • Displaying info about the daemon
  • Displaying the status of the daemon

All with pretty output.

After that I was like "Man, be cool if I could start all my enabled scripts with one command, and control multiple daemons with one command" and then I made a script called rcctl inspired by 's rcctl and to a certain extent, systemd's systemctl. It can:

  • List all daemons, their statuses, if their enabled, and their PID.
  • Startup all enabled daemons with one command (For use in rc.local)
  • Shutdown all running daemons with one command (For use in rc.local_shutdown)
  • Run an action (Such as start or stop) on multiple daemons at a time.

It's pretty much almost done, and I might make it public. I think it's pretty Slackware-centric, so those outside of Slackware probably won't see much use in it. =P

And before anyone asks "Why?", Because it's been fun to make! =D

Just used chatgpt to turn a slow piece of code in code... and it worked first try. I'm very surprised to say the least.

v2.1 of my script has been released. Now you can make it so the script won't open a console window, includes a few more utilities, and now includes a variable $SH2EXE_ARGV0 to get an $0-like variable. Useful for the one liner cd $(dirname $SH2EXE_ARGV0) || exit 1

Welp, after a few days. I'd say my project is complete! Come check it out!

Have done enough work on my script, that I published it on

I'll be adding Documentation soon to it, don't worry!

So, I'm working on a project for , called sh2exe.

Basically, it'll let you distribute an executable that can run a standard shell script, with the capabilities of GNU Coreutils. The idea, is that this will lower the bar for entry to port a program over from -likes to Windows. The shell I chose ended up being the portable OpenBSD Korn Shell =). And the reason I chose GNU Coreutils is because i'm familiar with it, it's pretty small, and just works for the most part =P

So far, once that exe is made, it's only 1 megabyte in size!

Made a very simple for my small I use to find libraries on



Also, I wasted a couple days trying to make a cross-platform script for my pong game to launch it. First I tried a and combo (For POSIX, and Win32 respectively), then I tried using , until it dawned on me: "Wait... I can just use C itself, the hell am I doing?" and sure enough, it worked way better lol

So, I think i've come up with a good new name for my project: (POsix Continuous Integration Daemon). Pronounced: Paw-kid.

What do you guys think? Please boost as I want a range of opinions on this!

Link if your curious of the project: