Hed hort

Charadon shared a month ago

has definitely been in the most fun i've had with programming in a while! Love how simple everything is to do, all while still having C-syntax and without a heavily bloated engine like Node. Maybe i've finally found the high-level language i've been searching for, for years lmao

Time for my annual cleaning. So far on my Main e-mail i've exported 200MB of e-mails (4,200 in total) and compressed down the mbox file to 32MB. Not bad.

Sometimes I wonder how many alerts the FBI gets when a system administrator or programmer searches things up such as:

"How to kill a hung child?"

So, i'm wanting to learn more about , and I think the best way to do that, is to make my website in it using CGI and HTTP::Server::Simple.

The basics I got down has actually taught me something interesting:

The protocol is really really simple. I've always heard it's bloated, but I think people confuse the HTTP protocol with the Javascript/W3 standard.

Does anyone else try to let companies/organization know when one of their e-mail addresses have been breached and being used for phising?

Man, i've done quite a bit of today lol

  • Learned how to use the perldoc command (Which is fantastic).
  • Learned how to make a "virtualenv" of perl (It's not really called that, but it's effectively what it is.) with Cpanminus.
  • Learned how to use Arrays.
  • Learned how to do regex.
  • Learned how to use environment variables.

So i'd say I did pretty good today =P

We're hosting our annual get-together on the server. If you're interested, you can come join! Just go to https://fedicraft.org for more info

What a fucking roller coaster this week has been. Got fired from my job, then got re-hired thanks to the intervention of a supervisor. Pretty sure I just lost 5 years of my life due to stress lol

Charadon shared 2 months ago

Fuck ...

The mad man...

Decided to finally sit down, and get my Intel Arc GPU to work on .


  • Removing xf86-video-intel (Causes Xorg to not work with the GPU)
  • Building kernel version 6.6.6 (Sp00ky)

The GPU works perfectly now. So now I'm back on my favorite distribution. Woo!

Well, i'm on Slackware-current rather than 15.0, but hey, good enough for me lol

Charadon shared 2 months ago

I miss using ... it's actually crazy how much I miss using it. I don't hate Void Linux or anything, but using a Slackware server recently to set up a NAS server made me realize what i'm missing lol

Made a new post on why I'm not the biggest fan of the Client. I might be a tad passionate about this lmao, but god damn it felt good to vent about it =P


Spent all day trying to figure out why my program was segfaulting, and then it dawned on me... I was trying to reallocate memory that had never been allocated in the first place =/

Ya love to see it. Got rid of all the memory leaks in my code today. Aside from still reachable leaks, but I got no control over that, it's from the OpenGL driver and X11 lol