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Charadon shared 27 days ago

Hmm, my end up self-hosting another instance after all. I'm not really finding any that meet my tastes but aren't insanely massive.

So, with microblog.pub being a somewhat dead project. I'm probably gonna move to another instance. I have a few picked out already.

Once I find one, i'll leave my microblog instance up for a couple months, before retiring it and shutting it down.

The reason I'm going to another instance is mainly because nothing else has been made to fill the niche microblog had, mainly the little-to-no javascript nature of it.

I will say, one thing I love about being back on a like window manger (), is that workspaces (or tags) are per-monitor instead of being shared.

Day 4 of

I've added so many patches to my fork lol

I think after I add the sway-pointer-constraints patch, my desktop will effectively be complete.

So far so good though. Most games work, just won't capture my mouse (Which is what the patch is for) =P

On the downside, because of how heavy my fork is of dwl, I'll probably never be able to re-master with upstream. But oh well

So, I think that VM I had is dead. When it ran out of space, the /etc/passwd got yeeted somehow. I can triage it enough to get my gitea database and files off of it, but i'll probably move distros.

Was wondering why my server was down today, only to realize that the VM it was installed on ran out of room. Thought I was gonna have to give it more room, but thankfully, I had 4 whole kilobytes of space, so I ran a compress command, and now I got plenty of space again lol

Day 2 of

Really need to find a wayland-native terminal, as i've been using the terminal lol.

Other than that, everything is going fine, and now I got a script that sets up the environment variables and all that jazz.

Not a big fan of the someblocks program, as I think the 1 second minimum delay is a bit too long of a delay. So I might make another Perl script for updating the status bar.

The fun part will come from generic-fying the desktop monster i've made so it can run on any machine. So far it's just a meson build script with a butt-load of subprojects and relies on running stuff out of the builddir. (Yes, I converted 's build system to meson, did the same thing with back then too)

Okay, so I got screenshots working in now. So far my Desktop looks like this.

I'd say it's pretty much almost done. Just need to add the centered-window patch, the smart borders patch, and then modify it so I can disable borders on specific windows.

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Thought i'd try my hand at making a environment for myself with dwl as a starting point...

It's, uh, progressing. Can't get screenshots working, but i'm sure it'll work itself out =P

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Charadon shared a month ago

So, I was curious which file system for was the fastest when it comes to be mounted with the sync option, and here were my results:

ext4 : 10Kb/s btrfs : 10Kb/s jfs : 6MB/s f2fs : 17Kb/s xfs : 10Kb/s vfat : 20Kb/s exfat : 20Kb/s minix : 20Kb/s ntfs : 5Kb/s reiserfs: 9Kb/s Winner: jfs

was the winner by a land-slide, and I have no idea why lol

So, after finally sitting comfortably on my install, I decided to do some stuff with the system, and then this turned into a full blown init administration tool lol

I got no idea what to call it. But basically, I didn't like re-inventing the wheel with every init-script I made. So I made a script inspired by 's rc.subr, but with quite a few -isms lol. It handles:

  • Pidfiles
  • Logs and Rotating & Compressing said Logs
  • Terminating/Killing daemons
  • Displaying info about the daemon
  • Displaying the status of the daemon

All with pretty output.

After that I was like "Man, be cool if I could start all my enabled scripts with one command, and control multiple daemons with one command" and then I made a script called rcctl inspired by 's rcctl and to a certain extent, systemd's systemctl. It can:

  • List all daemons, their statuses, if their enabled, and their PID.
  • Startup all enabled daemons with one command (For use in rc.local)
  • Shutdown all running daemons with one command (For use in rc.local_shutdown)
  • Run an action (Such as start or stop) on multiple daemons at a time.

It's pretty much almost done, and I might make it public. I think it's pretty Slackware-centric, so those outside of Slackware probably won't see much use in it. =P

And before anyone asks "Why?", Because it's been fun to make! =D

Charadon shared a month ago

@rl_dane@alpha.polymaths.social Man, I thought you dropped off the face of the internet for a while lol

Didn't know you had a new account =P