It's funny how my cat somehow knows how to play fetch lol


freezes and crashes bhyve is xhci (USB 3) module is loaded.


Before boot, type: userconf disable xhci*. After that, everything will work. What kind of black magic have you done where I can use Gnome Builder in the flatpak, and it can STILL use my host packages and compilers?! This is awesome! =D

I just unironically put the variable pp_checker in my meson build file to see if Par Packer is installed lmao

You'd think at a certain age I'd stop finding that funny...

So, I've been noticing this whole bot thing about AMS79X$ thing. It's actually pretty clever what they're trying to do. Basically, when you look up AMS79X$, will show the comments like they're the description of the video.

Of course, it has all the hallmarks of a scam. The amazonwallet dot io (Don't want to link it directly) domain is registered with a hong kong registrar named eranet, and has privacy guard on, because of course. The IP is also located in the Netherlands. If it was actually amazon, it'd all be United States.

Now, here's the funny thing. I cannot find anything on AMS79X$ on search engines other than Google. So that reinforces my idea that if you use Google, you are actively more in danger than if you didn't.

Calculator can no longer run due to a failure to download a file that has currency exchanges. This is due to a bug when using a VPN.

While the currency exchange has been really helpful. Maybe I should have a calculator that doesn't connect to the internet lol

I wonder if loses a lot of money on me since they keep offering me amazon prime trials, but I never actually buy it lol

This is so dumb. I've been locked out of my account for almost a year now. Even though there's like 5 different ways they could verify it's me and turn off the damn 2FA (Or god forbid, let me delete the account).

I mean, it's not like there's sensitive information on there that in the event of a data breach can reveal things such as my old Matrix chats and browsing history, noooo, it's way safer to not let me just reset the account from my god damn e-mail.

I deleted a VM in , and until I logged out of SSH and back in. I got this error when running vmadm

$ vmadm list Uncaught Error: EIO, i/o error FROM Function.startup.resolveArgv0 (node.js:811:23) startup (node.js:58:13) node.js:902:3 Abort (core dumped)

(Don't worry, my future bugs of the days won't always be SmartOS, it's just what i'm using heavily right now lol, seriously, I love SmartOS!)

Hot take:

Software always sucked. Yes. Even back in the old days.

The only difference, is that software is in our lives more than it was back then.

A great example of of how software has always been finicky, is that a single hyphen was enough to destroy a NASA Rocket.

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I'm gonna start doing a "Bug of the Day" kind of thing. Where when I encounter a bug. I'm gonna post what it was, and how I solved it. For my first one:

instance doesn't allocate enough space for a indestructible snapshot like it does with a instance. Definitely not intentional.

Solution: Add another gigabyte to it's zfs filesystem.

Now watch as I never post something like this again =P

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My to anyone who's selling used storage devices. ALWAYS include a SMART report with your listing. It's not hard, and takes 5 minutes at most (Though, realistically only a second).

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So, i've been using Intel Arc for the past 2 months now. And I have to say, it's the most stable GPU experience I've had on . It has not crashed once, and all games I've played, while maybe not performing as good as AMD or Nvidia, have always been stable.

And with every update, it does get faster, so who knows what it'll be like a year from now.

For context, my last GPU was an RX 480. It would crash every few months during it's prime (Not a big deal though). Technically my old 480 still works, but it crashes when it reaches a certain clock speed. Easily fixable of course, but a sign it was on it's last legs.

According to the counter on my website. I've had almost 2,500 unique visitors. Awesome!